3D Aqua Slider

3D Aqua Slider 1.4

3D Aqua Slider is a color-matching game with a quiet under-the-sea atmosphere
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Absolutist Ltd.

3D Aqua Slider is a game with a quiet and peaceful under-the-sea atmosphere.
Once in the game you'll see a pyramid with stacks of cubes of different types of colors, and a line of cubes lying outside the pyramid, these latter are the ones you'll use to throw them inside and change the pyramid.
As in any other puzzle game, the primary objective is to match the cubes in the pyramid in stacks of four cubes of the same color. Once a match is made the cubes will disappear and your score will raise more and more.
Given the fact that 3D Aqua Slider is indeed a 3D game you can change the position of the camera with the arrow keys in a circle shown in the lower right part of the screen. With this you'll be able to see the stacks of colored cubes from different angles; you can move 360 degrees in any direction!

The main menu shows several game modes which can be changed from the "Pick Game" menu; these include Gem Slider, Pyramid Slider, Smart Mix, UniColor and QuadColor, Scores, help screen, and a small demo of how to play which is also available from the main menu.

Abigail Diaz
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  • Very innovative and entertaining
  • Really nice graphics, sounds and interface
  • A lot of options and game modes


  • In Trial version you can only play it for an hour
  • Gets frustrating if you're unable to win
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